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moving to dreamwidth?

i guess things are really changing in lj :( making a new dreamwidth account but i don't know anything about how their site works @_____@


Nov. 28th, 2016

Waiting for a new printer/scanner to arrive so that maybe I can post some scans of my new waku waku clear files orz


Hopefully it arrives sooner rather than later (´・ε・`)


Aiba Masaki - Amore (Lyrics)

Will update & edit later

Aiba Masaki - AmoreCollapse )

Arashi - Hana (花 ) Lyrics

It's 3:30am here and I have work tomorrow but I couldn't go to sleep without typing up these lyrics...

BUT It's their 17th anniversary!!! SO Thank you for being Arashi I'm so glad for all the smiles and laughter you've brought over the years  嵐が好きで良かった ( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡ 本当にありがとう~

Arashi - 花 (Hana)Collapse )


Wink Up August 2007 Juniors

Bunch of Scans FINALLY posted XDD

wink up august 2007

Okay~! This is my second time posting scans...I've scanned Arashi, KAT-TUN, NewS, Tackey & Tsubasa and Kanjani8. 

Happy Birthday~!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TACKEY~!!!  <3 HAVE A LOVELY DAY[with Tsubasa maybe *cough*] <3

 everyone's getting older and older~~~but they will always be fanned over XD

XDDD and might as well say Happy Bithday to Suwabe Junichi and Arai (Prince of Tennis) XDDD


^______^ V I made a new avatar...xD Its a smiling KenKen xD But I really have no experience in making avatars and I don't really have any special techniques and what nots....~_____~ I'm too simple XD but i did make the Crack!ChibiShinji and KenKen so I dont have ta steal another persons avatar .................now I'm just rambling XDD

  He has such a cute smile~~~~~


First Entry!!

YOSHA~!!! I'm finally posting XDD coz even though I created my account in December 2006, I didnt really get enough time to post and its Feburary now XDD Entry is kinda like a experiment on what I can do/figure out [for now]...XD I'll probably ramble more and post stuff eventually.......... ^__________^ V 

I hope I'll learn to use LiveJournal well and get some of my friends to join too xD i dont wanna be lonely ;__;